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Virtual Reality Help

Virtual Reality allows users to view and experience videos in a more realistic and immersive way. We provide a variety of VR video experiences from 3D to 3D 360°. Our VR videos can be viewed on a variety of platforms and devices from fully immersive headsets (HMD's) to old school red-blue 3D glasses (Anaglyph). We deliver our VR videos using the latest adaptive streaming technologies so that you don't have to download and store large files to enjoy viewing.

*Users should be familiar with all operating procedures and warnings associated with your viewing device as provided by the manufacturer.

For the purpose of this guide, the terms "virtual reality" and "VR" will be used interchangeably.

Getting Started

Viewing content in Virtual Reality is super easy:

1. Click

2. Select the VR viewer you will be using.

3. If you are using a mobile device, launch your VR player software (if required) and place smart phone in viewer as described by the manufacturer.

4. Sit back and enjoy!

Ways to Watch

Ways to Watch - Desktop and Tablet
PCs and Tablets with Anaglyph 3D Glasses
For 3D and 3D 36d0 movies, 360° movies do not require anaglyph glasses.
  • Red/Blue (Anaglyph) glasses are cheap and easy to get from many online retailers such as Amazon and Use them as you would with any 3D movie. 3D video is best viewed full-screen in a darkened room sitting relatively close to the screen. There are four color combinations of Anaglyph glasses options we currently support:
    • Red/Cyan
    • Green/Magenta
    • Amber/Blue - optimal for porn as they tend to produce better skin tones.
    • Magenta/Green
  • Windows using Chrome, IE11+, Edge, and Firefox with a semi-modern graphics card
  • Modern Mac using Chrome
  • On the iPad our default VR player should work on iOS 13 and higher.
  • Linux using Chrome or Firefox with a semi-modern graphics card.
  • For viewing downloaded VR files on PCs and tablets, a third-party player that supports 3D Anaglyph is required. We recommend VLC Player.
Ways to Watch - Mobile
Smart Phones with Cardboard style devices
  • Modern iPhones using Safari, running iOS10+, will require a third party VR App for VR viewing.
  • Modern Android 5+ using Chrome. Older phones may not fully support 3D integration.
  • Modern Windows Phone using Edge.
  • Cardboard-style devices including Samsung Gear™, Google Daydream.
Ways to Watch - Coming Soon
Additional VR Platforms
  • Oculus Rift™, Oculus Go™, Oculus Quest™, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR™

Content Types

3D movies are produced to allow users to experience the illusion of spatial "depth" for a more realistic viewing experience. Our VR-3D movies can be viewed with most VR hardware via streaming or download. 3D Video can also be streamed to PC's and tablets for viewing with red-blue (anaglyph) 3D glasses. *Anaglyph viewing of downloaded VR files is compatible with certain 3rd party players.

360 degree video allows users to experience immersive video where they can look around or up and down viewing the video from any direction. Most 360 video is 2D and will not be compatible wit Anaglyph viewing, but will still allow PC & Tablet users to interact with the video through click and drag or moving the tablet to "look around" the space.

3D-360 videos provide a similar immersive viewing experience as a standard 360 degree video, but the video also has spatial depth. This is the most realistic of the VR experiences offering the best of both versions. Our 3D-360 videos may also be viewed as Anaglyph 3D when streamed to Tablets & PC's. *Anaglyph viewing of downloaded VR files is compatible with certain 3rd party players.

Interacting with the Player

Our web VR video player requires no downloads or installation. Just click and play.
Anatomy of the Player
Play / Pause
Time Counter
Video Timeline
Volume Control
VR Device Selector - tapping this icon will reveal a menu to choose the device to be used to view a virtual reality movie:
Full Screen

VR Test Videos

Test your VR streaming and playback compatibility with the buttons below. To adjust your video player options, click the Video Settings item located in the navigation menu.

3D Test Video
3D 360 Test Video

If our VR Player does not work with your device, you may want to Choose "HLS Direct to the Browser" in the "VR Player" menu item located in the gear menu next to the play button.

Please visit our FAQ & Troubleshooting for additional assistance.

Customer Service

If you need further assistance, contact our Customer Service department.


All content is provided by third parties and may be used with various third party VR devices. Your use of such third party devices to view third party content is AS-IS and at your own risk. Read and follow all setup and operating instructions and safety warnings provided with the virtual reality equipment you are using. Content available for viewing on VR devices produces an immersive virtual reality experience, and users may have reactions to that experience, including simulation sickness, nausea discomfort, eye strain or disorientation. These reactions may be triggered when viewing VR Content for a brief or sustained period of time. Immediately stop viewing the VR Content if you experience any of these symptoms. Do not drive or operate machinery until you have recovered from any symptoms you experienced. See a doctor before viewing VR Content if you have a history of experiencing these symptoms or if you are prone to seizures. Anyone viewing VR Content should take frequent breaks while doing so. Remain seated whenever possible when viewing VR Content and take special care to be aware of your surroundings to ensure you do not injure yourself or other people around you while you are viewing or immediately after Viewing VR Content.

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18 U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement

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VR Settings
Phone Screen Height (mm):
(The longer length, rendering area only)
Viewing Device Lense Distance (mm):
(Center to center width, Google Cardboard=64, Viewmaster VR=61)
Screen Horizontal Offset (mm):
(When in portrait mode)
Screen Vertical Offset (mm):
(When in portrait mode)
Field of View (Degrees 30-120):
(Only used for 360° content)
Use Barrel Video:
(Only on non 360°, non fisheye content)
Play VR
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